We genuinely care about our patients. Your health and well being are always our first and foremost priority.

We work hard to provide a quality service and always aim to practice to as high a clinical standard as possible.

We enjoy what we do (to the amazement of most people!) and take a great sense of pride and satisfaction in the quality of work we provide.


We invest in our practice to provide you with the best possible treatment available.

  • Our chairs are leather bound to provide optimum comfort.
  • We use digital radiographs and intra-oral cameras to show you exactly what is happening in your mouth.
  • Dental loupes magnify your tooth to three times its actual size, allowing for detection of problems that may have been missed with the naked eye.
  • Loupes also allow us to maintain as much healthy tooth as possible by only removing defective tooth tissue.
  • For those really tricky cases, a dental microscope provides up to twenty times magnification.


We use single-use disposable instruments and plastic barriers whenever possible.

All other instruments are first scrupulously cleaned, then bagged and sterilised in our separate sterilisation and decontamination room.


We believe education is key to providing successful and lasting treatment. By explaining to patients why they have a particular problem we hope to be able to avoid a similar problem in the future.

Digital radiographs and Intra-oral cameras are excellent for demonstration and educational purposes.

All in all, we are a family run and family orientated practice which has been providing dental care to all generations for the past twenty-five years and hopefully with your help for the next twenty-five years.