VHI and DeCare Dental Insurance

logo_decareWhile your General Health Care policy may provide some Dental cover it is normally very limited. Both VHI and Decare Dental provide dedicated Dental Insurance to cover everything from routine health checks to crowns and root canals. Prices are very competitive.

For more information on both Providers, check out the followings links:

VHI-LogoWe have also made it easier for you if you are a member of VHI as we are registered with VHI for the Direct Pay option. With the Direct Pay option, you only pay us for the costs not covered by your Dental plan. There’s no need for you to submit a claim. We will submit the claim for you and your provider will reimburse us directly.

In order to avail of this system, you must first follow a few simple steps:

Step 1: Before visiting us

  1. Make an appointment with us
  2. You must then phone your Provider before you attended for the appointment
  3. Your Provider will confirm your benefit entitlements to you and to us

Step 2: The Appointment

  1. You attend for an exam Scale & Polish and if necessary radiographs
  2. If further treatment is needed, we will forward a treatment plan to your Provider for approval before your next visit
  3. Following treatment, sign the claim form.
  4. You will only pay for the costs not covered by your plan

Step 3: Submit the claim

  1. We will submit your claim to the provider
  2. Your provider will pay us directly.